BrandBrella has evolved into Crabtree Marketing.

Hey it’s Robert Crabtree here. Since I founded my company back in 2004 we have grown and changed quite a bit.

Up until now I have conducted business coast-to-coast, almost entirely ignoring my own back yard.

I was born and raised on the shores of Lake Erie in Sandusky and Huron, Ohio. I travelled off to Pittsburgh  where I studies and worked in design and marketing. September 11th happened and I was downsized. Since then, I have gradually made my way back home.

My family is beginning to lay down roots and I felt that it was time for my business to do the same.

After speaking with a few clients, we came to the conclusion that my namesake should be the cornerstone of my company.

My family and my business are not only here to stay, we are here to help revitalize and strengthen our local business community. One brand at a time, and I am happy to be back.