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Fond memories of Jackson Street Pier Sandusky Ohio

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Those summer nights I will never forget, my grandpa would drive me down to the Jackson Street Pier where we would sit and gaze at the bay or toss a line in to catch some perch. It was his favorite spot in the world.

I can hear the seagulls now squawking at me for a crumb of food, and the clang of steel from the coal docks. The breeze and soft mist from the bay waves splashing against the dock feels like home against my cheek.

Listen closely enough and off in the distance you can hear the screams of joy bounce off the bay from Cedar Point to the Jackson Street Pier.

There is no doubt this is a special place, and one that I hope my grandchildren will remember fondly. I believe if the new proposed changes become reality, we will all have many more happy memories to look back on and smile.

There is a lot of chatter about potential changes to the Jackson Street Pier in downtown Sandusky, Ohio. I personally welcome the proposed changes. You can read about them here.

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